Silicone Chest Bra Lifter


Honeycomb ventilation holes allow the chest to breathe freely, no pressure, no feeling of falling. Natural plant viscose is healthy and non-irritating, plant-derived viscose has stable viscosity and is comfortable and non-marking to wear. The thickness of the thin and light oxygen cup is only 0.7cm, light and breathable, not stuffy. Strong stickiness, waterproof, sweat-proof, no harm, no irritation, no allergies, give you some intimate care. Upgrade the gathering in seconds to change the C cup to show the cleavage in a second. M-type front buckle design is easy to wear, strong and stable, and can be used repeatedly for 1000+ times. Sexy, cool and breathable, gathered and stylish, adding a comfort and freedom to you. Can be freely adjusted, gathered, light and delicate. Fiber fabric, non-shedding, comfortable and skin-friendly, natural plant viscose.

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